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GridCon 3 (2022) Convention Report

GridCon is an annual board game convention held in the South-West of the UK. It just so happens that I a) live a couple of hours down the road from it, and b) am a Patreon supporter of the organiser, Paul Grogan, so there was no way I wasn’t going back again this year.

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Reiner Knizia – Staying Relevant

After a throwaway comment I saw online somewhere, I realised that one of the most prolific, important game designers of all time, only has one game left in the BGG top 100.

Conventional Medicine

During a bit of downtime at AireCon, I grabbed some food, and sat at the edge of the Open Gaming area. As I looked around the hall, it dawned on me. A room filled with hundreds of people playing games, all with one thing in common

AireCon 2022 Convention Report

AireCon is a huge tabletop gaming convention held annually in Harrogate, UK, and this year yours truly decided to attend. Here’s how it went.

I’m bad at board games (but I don’t mind)

One of the things I hear from people when I tell them I review games is “Well I know not to play against you then, you must be great at them”. While it’s flattering that that’s their assumption, they’re also wrong. Oh boy, are they wrong.